Necessary software: To edit and create LaTeX files you need to download software appropriate for your operating system. Warning: These are huge downloads (up to 2 gb).

  • Windows: We recommend Windows users download and install proTeXt.
  • Mac: For Mac users we suggest MacTeX with the TexShop frontend.
  • Linux: Linux/Unix users should use TeX Live.

  • Each of these software packages contains everything you need to get started using LaTeX files. For more information on LaTeX files see the LaTeX User Group's LaTeX Introduction.

    Editing your LaTeX Exam: When you use the Exam Generator, you receive a download or email containing Latex files in a zip package. Save this to your desktop and unzip it. Open the master.tex file and typeset to view your exam. Be sure that your typesetting engine is set to pdftex.


    • Edit the header by changing entries in the examinfo.tex file.
    • Change spacing by opening the input.tex file and modifying the number in the
      \vspace{#\baselineskip} commands after each problem (1 baselineskip is the vertical space between successive lines of text, approximately 1/2 cm).
    • Change points (or eliminate all mention of points) by editing the start of each problem in the input.tex file.

    Start using LaTeX with the IREMT Exam Generator page.